Digital Voltmeter with Cigarette Lighter Plug
* * * With DIM DISPLAY for Night Use * * *

Plug it into a cigarette lighter jack and it reads voltage with 1/10
volt resolution. Has two female cigarette lighter jacks to plug other
accessories into. Green LED display is the right brightness for use
at night, not very bright in daylight. Also has High/Medium/Low LED
indicators. Reads 7-18 volts, draws only 20ma. Display swivels,
replacable fuse in plug. Powered from the cigarette lighter, no
battery required. Not for daytime use.

This meter is really not bright; It's great for use at night, but is not
very readable in daylight. Not kidding! It's dim for night use. It's not
bright. If you buy this to use in your auto or submarine you won't be
happy. Don't even ask to return it for that reason. Great for on the
field or in the observatory, sucks otherwise. Nobody ever reads this
paragraph. For nighttime use only. People will come up at night and
say "Man, that's a great voltmeter for use on the field, but I bet you
don't even try to use it in daylight. Where'd you get that?"

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<=== Display brightness perfect for night use!
Dim dislay for night use, not
very bright in daylight!

$19.00 - #VMCD - Digital Voltmeter with Cigarette Lighter Plug - Nighttime Dim Display

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