Reflective Cooler Covers, Radiant Barrier, 55qt, 65qt, 120qt and 165qt Sizes.

#TGCC Cooler Covers cover ice chests up to help keep your frosty
things frosty or toasty things toasty. Reflective surface and air
space complement your cooler's insulation. With an adjustable
elastic closure.

Not for continuous sun exposure. Not for use in 70 MPH wind in the
back of your pickup truck. Both will void the warranty!

Measure your cooler and compare to diminsions listed below.
Cooler not included!

#TGCC-55 shown, representative of all sizes:

$28.00 - #TGCC-55 - Cooler Cover Fits up to 55 qt coolers, up to 26" x 15", height is 13"
$32.00 - #TGCC-65 - Cooler Cover Fits up to 65 qt coolers, up to 34" x 20", height is 16"
$37.00 - #TGCC-120 - Cooler Cover Fits up to 120 qt coolers, up to 38" x 18", height is 16"
$39.00 - #TGCC-165 - Cooler Cover Fits up to 165 qt coolers, up to 44" x 21", height is 20"

Prices include shipping in the USA!

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