1.25" Filter Adapter for T-Thread Capture

This simple ring allows 1.25" filters to be included in a T-thread
adapter chain. Filters screw into the adapter, and the adapter
"sandwiches" in a T-thread male and female union. The outside
diameter of the filter adapter is 1.61" but has no threads, it drops
into a female T-thread fitting and is retained by the T-thread male
screwed in. Black anodized aluminum. 1.61" OD, 0.066" thick.

Filters and other adapters not included!

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$15.00 each - #TFA1 - 1.25" Filter Adapter for T-Thread Capture
$14.00 each - #TTET - 10mm T-Thread Extension Tube / Spacer Ring

Prices include shipping in the USA!

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