Sky-Spot Finder Charts

From Sky-Spot, this is Brent Watson's "Finder Chart" series of books.
Each of the four titles focuses on a set of objects that represent most
of the interesting viewing targets.

These 8.5" x 5.5" books are printed black on white and are easily read
in red light. The laminated pages are ring bound and lie flat, impervious
to dew and crud, and won't blow away. Each book has an introduction
describing the contents and use of the volume, as well as a table of
contents for reference. Each object has a sky map with constellation
lines and a Telrad target at the object location, with designations, type,
description, magnitude, distance, size and diameter.

These are the most concise, portable, durable and useful sky charts we
have seen! Great for star hopping and very useful for goto observers too.

$22.00 - #SSPB - Sky-Spot Finder Charts - Bright Objects
$22.00 - #SSPO - Sky-Spot Finder Charts - Overlooked Objects
$23.00 - #SSPD - Sky-Spot Finder Charts - Double Stars
$42.00 - #SSPM - Sky-Spot Finder Charts - Messier Set, two Volumes

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