Shutter With Female T-Threads

This shutter installs with T-threads in front of small chip cameras for
quick dark frame acquisition. Also seals out dust when the camera
isn't in use, and accepts a 1.25" filter.

One finger operation quickly opens and closes the shutter without
bumping your setup!

Black anodized aluminum body with fiberglass slide, stainless steel
hardware. Slide travel is 1". Clear aperture when open is 3/4".
Overall thickness is 0.73", 0.33" between thread bottoms.

#TEMM (sold separately) adds male threads to the shutter, for a total
set-back of 1".

Click on image to enlarge:

$109.00 - #SHT1 - Shutter with Female T-threads
$19.00 - #TEMM - T-Thread Male to Male adapter

Prices include shipping in the USA!

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