Rigel QuickFinder Compact Reflex Sight
and Optional Orion/Synta Dovetail Foot

The Rigle QuickFinder reflex sight is a straight thru finder with red
circles at 1 and 2 degrees. Reticle brightness is adjustable and operates
in continuous or pulsed modes. Only 4.5" tall and very light weight, the
finder unit detaches from it's base. Comes with two bases so the sight
can be moved between two scopes. With battery and instructions.

#RQFA is an optional battery pack that allows operation for thousands of
hours, much longer than the internal coin cell. Uses two AA cells, not
included. With instructions for installation.

#RQFB is an extra base for the Rigel Quickfinder.

#RQFD is a Quickfinder base with a foot to mount on Camera Hotshoe
or flash shoe. Quickfinder not included!

#RQFS is a QuickFinder base with a foot that allows mounting on scopes
that have Orion/Synta finder shoes. Black anodized aluminum foot and
riser block, stainless steel hardware. Quickfinder not included!

#RQFE is a Quickfinder base with a foot for Explore Scientific & Meade.
Quickfinder not included!

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#RQFD for Camera Hotshoe Mounting:

#RQFS for Vixen/Synta/Orion Finder Shoes:

#RQFE for Explore Scientific & Meade:

Prices include shipping to USA addresses!

$52.00 - #RQF2 - Rigel QuickFinder Compact Reflex Sight, Shipping Included!
$17.00 - #RQFA - Optional External Battery Pack for Rigel QuickFinder (Sight not Included)
$9.00 - #RQFB - Extra Rigel Quickfinder Base
$28.00 - #RQFD - Rigel Quickfinder Base with Camera Hot Shoe Foot
$29.00 - #RQFS - Rigel Quickfinder Base with Orion/Synta Finder Dovetail Foot
$29.00 - #RQFE - Rigel Quickfinder Base for Explore Scientific / Meade Finder Shoes - Information Here!

Prices include shipping in the USA! ($10 Minimum order please!)

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