Sun Shield for Coronado Personal Solar Telescope

This simple but effective shield mounts on the tube of your Personal Solar
Telescope and shields the viewers face or camera from the sun. Quick to
mount and remove using no tools, will not mark the scope tube, and sized
to fit inside the Coronado PST hard case. Mounts anywhere on the tube,
allowing adjustment for ample room for operator, hats, big hair, etc.

Aluminum 0.060" thick plate is sturdy but light, powder coated gloss white
on the sun side to stay cool, and flat black on the eyepiece side. Does not
block the built-in sun finder. Current version is 7.5" x 11" and comes with
new longer Nylon screws as #PSTS. Extended Stainless Steel screws are
also available as #PSTT.

Sun shields for other tube sizes are HERE.

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The Sun Shields are not currently available

$00.00 each - #PSTS - Sun Shield for Coronado Personal Solar Telescope - New Longer Nylon Screws (Shown Below)
$00.00 each - #PSTT - Sun Shield for Coronado Personal Solar Telescope - With Extended Stainless Steel Screws
$0.00 each - #PSTX - Upgrade - Replacement New Longer Nylon Screws for Previous #PSTS Versions
$0.00 each - #PSTY - Upgrade - Replacement Extended Stainless Steel Screws for Previous #PSTS Versions

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