Polarity Testers for 2.5/5.5mm (Meade) and
2.1/5.5mm Celestron) DC Power Connectors

Reverse polarity power can severely damage your telescope, so check
new, portable or unknown power sources before using them!

These testers have a female connector with a dual color LED and are
used for verifying the polarity of DC power supplies and field power
sources in the 12-18 volt range. Connect the tester to the power
source, and the LED lights green for center positive connector, red
for center negative, or yellow for AC power. Operates from about
4 to 24 volts.

Green means go, red or yellow means STOP!

#POLT is for use with Meade Scopes with 2.5/5.5mm power connectors.
#POLC is for use with Celestron Scopes with 2.1/5.5mm power connectors.

$14.00 - #POLT - Polarity Tester for Meade 2.5/5.5mm DC Power Connectors
$14.00 - #POLC - Polarity Tester for Celestron 2.1/5.5mm DC Power Connectors

Price includes shipping in the USA!

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