Negative Profile Eyepiece Adapter, 1.25" to 2"

Need more in-focus when using a 1.25" eyepiece or accessory in a 2"
focuser? Our Negative Profile Eyepiece Adapter allows the eyepiece
to be inset over 3/4" more than a low profile adapter. The inset accepts
eyepiece bodies or accessories up to 1.75" in diameter. The eyepiece
barrel is held securely in the adapter with two rounded tip setscrews.

2" barrel is 1.6" deep and has a top flange. Interior diameter is 1.75".
Overall height is 1.75". Black anodized machined aluminum, with two
stainless steel rounded tip setscrews. Weighs 4 oz. Allen wrench

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Standard adapter verses #NPEA, same eyepiece
and same focuser.

$39.00 each - #NPEA - Negative Profile Eyepiece Adapter, 1.25" to 2"

Prices include shipping in the USA!

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