Counterweight and Accessory Mounting Rails for Dobs and Newts

Our universal mounting rails are available in 24" lengths for
mounting counterweights and accessories on the tubes of
Dobsonian and Newtonian telescopes. Made of hard-coat black
anodized aluminum extrusion, with mounting holes pre drilled.
Included is 3M Very High Bond Strength 40 mil thick foam tape
for mounting without drilling, and two 8-32x1/2" screws with nuts.

Our twist-lock counterweights can be mounted anywhere along
the rail, and are quickly adjustable for rebalancing with eyepiece

$29.00 each - #MRDN - 24" Mounting Rail for Dobs and Newts
$89.00 each - #CWK6 - Dob/Newt Balance Kit:

- One 24" mounting rail, two 1 lb Pancake counterweights and all required hardware

Prices include shipping in the USA!

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