2 lb Azimuth Battery Compartment Bias Weight for Meade SCT

In the equatorial mode, fork mount scopes will not track with
precision unless the drive gears are positively engaged. This
flexible lead weight fits into the battery compartment in the
scope's left fork arm, causing the scope to tend to rotate to
the east. Since the scope is slowly tracking to the west, the
drive gears are positively engaged. Proper drive engagement
is desirable at all times, but is critical for successful imaging.

The west (right) fork arm in Meade's big SCTs is a bit heavier
than the east (left) fork arm due to the drive being in the right
hand fork arm. In equatorial mode this out-of-balance condition
causes the scope to try to swing toward the west. As a result,
the drive gears are holding the scope back to the east rather
than pushing it forward to the west. You are depending upon
gravity to actually drive the scope, and the friction in the
system makes this a very "iffy" thing.

Fortunately, Meade provided the battery compartment and
depends (probably) on the C cells providing the need weight.
But the batteries only run the scope for a couple of hours and
owners quickly learn that an external power source is needed,
as well as something to replace the weight of the batteries.

With this counterweight, the battery holder is unplugged and
replaced with a flexible heavy mesh bag containing lead shot.
This bag of shot will mold itself into the space left by the
battery holder.

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$25.00 - #MLXW - 2 lb Azimuth Battery Compartment Bias Weight for Meade SCT

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