Considering a Lithium Battery Laser Pointer?

AAA Lithium batteries are widely available and work very well in
our laser pointers! You don't need to pay more for a laser pointer
that uses odd size, hard to find, expensive lithium photo batteries.
Competitive "lithium powered" pointers are FDA Class IIIa just
like our lasers, and are not more powerful!

AAA size lithium batteries provide about 5 times as much energy
as AAA alkaline batteries, resulting in much longer life. The cost
is higher for lithium cells but the energy per dollar ratio is better
than alkalines.

Also, lithium batteries are by far the best for cold weather usage.
They have significantly lower operating and storage temperature
specs than alkalines, and the voltage (1.5 volts like alkalines)
stays much more constant as they discharge (unlike alkalines).

We don't currently sell the Lithium batteries because we can't yet
offer a better deal than you can get at your corner drug store. But,
we want you to be aware of the option before you pay more for a
laser just because it uses lithium batteries!

$5.99 is a typical retail price for a two pack of AAA Lithiums.

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