Heater for Green Laser Pointers

This thin film heater supplies about one watt at 12 volts and the 6 ft
cable plugs in like a dew heater. (Also available with short six inch
cable) Great for green lasers mounted on telescopes in cold conditions.
An uninsulated laser will rise about 25 degrees F over ambient air
temperature with the heater, and any form of insulation will increase
the heaters effect.

Thin enough to wrap around lasers inside tube-type laser mounts
when taped to the laser. Also supplied with velcro strips for
attaching to almost any laser pointer. Can be used along with dew
heaters when plugged into a dew controller, or can be operated
from our #DNCP cigarette lighter cable sold below.

Draws about 0.085 amps at 12 volts so battery life is barely effected.
Supplied pre-formed to wrap around the laser, not flat as pictured.
The thin power cable snakes inside laser mounts without interference.

Most green laser pointers suffer from lowered brightness in cold
conditions, but our heater can keep them going when it's really chilly.
As most GLPs have brass or aluminum tubes, the heater can be
attached anywhere on the tube to warm the entire laser. Don't over-
insulate or use the heater in conditions over 50F of you may overheat
your laser!

Shown attached to our #LAS5 GLP and mounted in our #SFM1 mount.
Laser and mount sold separately!

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$34.00 - #LASH - Heater for Green Laser Pointers, 6 Ft. Cable
$19.00 - #DNCP - Fused Cigarette Lighter Plug Adapter for Dew-Not Dew Removers, 6 ft long.
$18.00 - #DNX4 - Dew Heater Extension Cable - 4 Feet Long, RCA-F to RCA-M - Information is Here!
$18.00 - #DNX6 - Dew Heater Extension Cable - 6 Feet Long, RCA-F to RCA-M - Information is Here!
$19.00 - #DNX8 - Dew Heater Extension Cable - 8 Feet Long, RCA-F to RCA-M - Information is Here!
$34.00 - #PS13 - Power Supply for Dew Heaters, 120VAC input, 12.5VDC output - Information is Here!
$34.00 - #LASC - Heater for Green Laser Pointers, Short 6 Inch Cable

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