EZ Focus Kit for LX200GPS and Classic, LX90s, LX50, 6 & 8" Lightswitch,
LX10, LX200R 8, 10 & 12", and 16" LX200R & LX200GPS

This kit is intended for use with Meade 7" through 12"
Schmidt-Cassegrain and Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes.
It will remove most of the backlash in Meade's focusing
system and consistently provides a light precise feel to
the focuser knob.

The EZ Focus™ Kit is used to modify the Meade focus
system, it does not replace it. By substituting precision
thrust bearings for the existing nylon washers, this kit
greatly reduces the need for separate costly, bulky backplate
mounted focusers and motorized focus controls.

Complete with detailed instructions, allen wrench, and grease.

$33.00 each - #EZFC - EZ Focus Kit for 7-12" LX200GPS and Classic, LX90s, LX50, LX10, LX200R 8-12", and 16" LX200R & LX200GPS, 8" Lightswitch
$36.00 each - #EZF6 - EZ Focus Kit for 16" LX200-GPS only

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