2" Barrel Adapter for EyeOpener II 2" Visual Back

This adapter allows anything with a 2" barrel (such as a standard 2" diagonal)
to be attached directly to your Meade SCT without using the microfocuser.
A brass compression ring is used to prevent marring your accessory barrels
while gripping tightly. Great for use with binoviewers!

Using this adapter significantly shortens the optical train and permits your
accessories to clear the scope base, allowing telescope use at 90 declination.
The compact length of the adapter also locates your eyepiece closer to the
prime focus of the SCT, reducing aberations. As with the EyeOpener, the
adapter retains a full and unrestricted 2" diameter optical path. The 2"
Barrel Adapter piggybacks onto the EyeOpener II. (not included!)

$43.00 each - #EYE3 - 2" Barrel Adapter for EyeOpener II 2" Visual Back

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