Dew-Not Heater for Hand Controllers

#DN16 is a heater patch for hand controllers like the Meade Autostar
and Celestron controller. The 2.25" x 4.25", 3-1/4 watt heater pad in
contact with the back of the controller keeps it warm so the LCD
display doesn't become sluggish or frost up. Best used with the
SmartCases listed below, but can also be held on with user supplied
Elastomeric Retention Devices. (Rubber Bands)

The heater comes with a 6 foot detatchable cable that plugs into our
cigarette lighter plug adapter or cigarette lighter adjustable controller,
and it is also compatible with 12 volt heater controllers from Kendrick,
Dew Buster, etc.

$51.00 - #DN16 - Dew-Not Heater for Autostar and Celestron Controllers
$19.00 - #DNCP - Fused Cigarette Lighter Plug Adapter
$129.00 - #DNHC - Dew-Not 2 Channel Controller - More Information is Here! -
$34.00 - #PS13 - Power Supply for Dew Heaters, 120VAC input, 12.5VDC output - Shipped Priority - Information is Here!
$00.00 - #SMCC - Currently Unavailable - SmartCase for Celestron Controller - More information is Here!

Prices include shipping in the USA!


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