Baader IR/UV Cut Filter, 1.25" and 2" Filter Threads

IR/UV Filters block IR and UV light to allow higher contrast imaging with
your camera. Also seals the camera to keep crud off the imaging chip, and
reduces frosting of the imager in cooled cameras. Fits cameras, adapters
and eyepieces with filter threads. These high quality filters use the
very latest coating technology to deliver the finest filtration quality and
lifetime durability. Average visable light transmission is 98%. High quality
glass and precision manufacturing provide freedom from ghost images.
Extremely sharp cutoff at 690nm leaves all the visible red, including the
important 656nm H-alpha emission line. Sharp cutoff below 400nm
eliminates violet halos around bright stars more effectively than simpler
Minus Violet photographic filters. May be stacked with other filters.
Comes with plastic filter case.

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$000.00 each - #BIRU - No Longer Available - Baader IR/UV Cut Filter, 1.25" Filter Threads
$000.00 each - #BIR2 - No Longer Available - Baader IR/UV Cut Filter, 2" Filter Threads

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