True 2" Barrel to Canon EOS Adapter and Nikon Autofocus,
Full Aperture, with 2" Filter Threads

These adapters attach to the front of SLR cameras and have 2" barrels
that fit in focusers and other accessories. The barrels provide an
unobstructed 1.78" (45mm) opening, and are threaded for 2" filters.
The 2" barrels have no "safety" groove to interfere with compression
rings. Fully baffled interior, black anodized aluminum.

These adapters provide the shortest focus length available for SLR's in
2" focusers and accessories, non-restricted aperture, plus a place to put
your 2" filter. #B2CL barrel length is 1.25"

Our #EPE2 barrel extension can be screwed into the adapter tube to
provide an additional inch of barrel length.

Click on image to enlarge.

$00.00 - #B2CL - Currently unavailable - 2" Barrel to Canon EOS Adapter with 2" Filter Threads, 1.25" Barrel Length
$49.00 - #B2NK - 2" Barrel to Nikon AF Adapter with 2" Filter Threads, 1.25" Barrel Length
$24.00 - #EPE2 - Filter Thread 2" Eyepiece Barrel Extension, 1" Long - Information here!

Price includes shipping in the USA!

Ordering Information

As with any other camera setup, we recommend the use of a camera safety
lanyard. It's no fun if a thumbscrew or something else something comes
loose and your camera hits the ground!

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