Antares Light Pollution Rejection - Nebula
'Deep Sky' filter - 1.25" and 2" sizes

This broadband dieletric filter improves contrast and visibility of
emission nebula by greatly reducing the effects of light pollution.
Also great for general viewing from light polluted locations. Very
similar to a "deep sky" filter, attenuates light from mercury and
sodium lights and natural sky glow, while passing the important
lines of the visible spectrum. Specification details below. Don't
be fooled by the price, these premium filters compare very well
to the big names. Standard 1.25" or 2" threads fit eyepieces and

$00.00 - #AFLN - Out Of Stock - Antares 1.25" LPR-Nebula Filter
$000.00 - #AFSN - Discontinued - Antares 2" LPR-Nebula Filter

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Typical Transmission Values:
<1% 405nm Hg
<1% 436nm Hg
95% 486nm Hydrogen-Beta
94% 496nm Oxygen III
95% 501nm Oxygen III
<4% 546nm Hg
<2% 570nm Na2
<2% 579nm Hg
<2% 583nm Na2
<2% 600nm Na2
95% 656nm Hydrogen-Alpha

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